Tyler County Circuit Clerk

Candy L. Warner
Tyler County Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk Duties

The office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is established by Article 8, Section 9 of the West Virginia Constitution. Circuit Clerks are elected for a period of six years and their duties, responsibilities and compensation are set by statute. The Clerk is authorized to appoint deputy Clerks who take the Oath of Office as the Clerk and perform official acts and duties in the name of the Circuit Clerk.

The Circuit Clerk is an officer within the judicial system and plays a pivotal role in that system. The Clerk is an independently elected official with autonomy to establish procedures and policies necessary to carry out statutory responsibilities.

The Circuit Clerk is the official record keeper and fee officer for the Circuit and Family Court. The Clerks duties are ministerial; that is the duties are prescribed by statute, rule, order or another directive. There are three terms of Court: February, June and October each year.

As the official record keeper, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining all records filed, including but not limited to, civil, criminal, divorce, custody, support cases, mental hygiene, guardianship, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, juvenile abuse and neglect, and appeals from lower courts. The clerk is custodian of all computer records pertaining to cases filed in the Circuit Court and Family Courts and manages the courts computerized case docketing system.

In addition, the Circuit Clerk also acts as the fee officer for the Courts. The Circuit Clerk is authorized by statute to collect various fees, fines, and costs associated with cases, and hold and disburse other types of payments and deposits, such as bonds, restitution and witness fees. With the exception of the portion of the fees and costs that are sent directly to the State under various statutory provisions, all such monies are either deposited into the county treasury for subsequent disbursement to the appropriate agency or in the case of bonds or restitution, disbursed directly to the appropriate individual.

The Circuit Clerk also serves as the jury administrator for the Court and is responsible for the management of the petit and grand jury systems in the county. Under the direction of the Court, the Clerk creates the master list of prospective jurors, randomly selects panels for attendance, qualifies and summons the jurors, monitors attendance and mileage for reimbursement purposes. The Circuit Clerk is required to provide jury panels for the Magistrate. The jurors are paid $40.00 a day, plus mileage.

The Circuit Clerk and her staff can provide procedural assistance and information to Pro Se(self-representing) Litigants; however, they can NOT provide any kind of legal advice.

Deputy Clerks

Amy Adams
Deputy Clerk

Tamela Weekley
Deputy Clerk

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Public Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Mailing Address:
Tyler County Circuit Clerk
P.O. Box 8
Middlebourne, WV

Office Address:
Tyler County Circuit Clerk
230 Main Street
Middlebourne, WV

Phone: 304-758-4811
Fax: 304-758-4008

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2nd Judicial Circuit and Family Courts
Tyler County Courthouse
228 Main Street
Middlebourne, WV 26149


Circuit Judge
Charles Richard Wilson

Phone: 304-845-3505
Fax: 304-845-2522

Court Reporter: Holly Kocher
Secretary: Cheryl Francis
Law Clerk: Anne Harbison

Circuit Judge
Jeffrey D. Cramer

Phone: 304-845-1727
Fax: 304-843-5079

Court Reporter: Shannon Blankenship
Secretary: Barb Minor
Law Clerk: Angie Cisar


Family Court Judge
David L. Jackson

Phone: 304-455-0903
Fax: 304-455-0909

Secretary: Vicki Lough
Family Case Coordinator: Shay Seago


Jury Duty

The Court understands that jury duty may cause some inconvenience and hardships. However, for justice to be accomplished in upholding the law of the land, the Court needs citizens to take part in this important process. It is not only a privilege, but a responsibility, as a citizen to serve as a juror. The Court very much appreciates those who serve on jury duty.

Prospective Jurors are randomly selected from a master list which is compiled by the State and is taken from voter's Registration and the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License List.

There are three terms of the Court per year.  The first term begins the second Tuesday in February and lasts the second Tuesday in June. The second term begins the second Tuesday in June and lasts until the second Monday of October. The third, and final term, begins on the second Tuesday in October and ends the second Monday in February. Grand Jury convenes at the beginning of each term, being the second Tuesday of each term.

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Fee Schedule

Fees collected by Circuit Court of Tyler County, West Virginia

Civil Complaint $200.00
Miscellaneous Proceedings (Circuit & Family Court) $200.00
Foreign,Judgment,expungement,name change,custody,child support,summary proceeding, admin appeal,infant guard, etc.  
Divorce / Separate Maintenance $135.00
Modification $85.00
Expedited Modification $35.00
Guardianship/Conservator $135.00
Infant Guardianship $200.00
Adoptions $200.00
Medical Malpractice $400.00
Processing Criminal Bonds $25.00
Bail Piece $10.00
Service of Complaint/Petition/Suggestee Execution/Suggestion/Writ (Per Service)  
Serve by Personal Service $30.00
Serve by Certified Mail $20.00
Serve by Secretary of State ($5 Clerk / $20 Sec. State) $25.00
Family Court Discs $5.00
Abstracts of Judgment $5.00
Exemplified Copy $3.00+Cost of Copies
Copies $1.00/page
Fax $2.00/page

Circuit Clerk's office does not accept personal checks. All payments must be made in cash, by money order, or by credit card. There will be a 4% service fee charged when using a credit card.

Please keep in mind the circuit clerk’s office cannot provide legal advice. We are not licensed attorneys. If you would like to know an attorney in your area that specializes in you type of case, the West Virginia State Bar referral service is available at (304) 558-7991 or on the web at If you are unable to obtain counsel and have legal questions you can call the state bar help line at 1-800-642-3617 on Tuesday evenings 6:00pm to 8:00 pm at no charge.