Assessor's Office Frequently Asked Questions

When will taxes be coming out in my name? 
Taxes are assessed as of July 1st each year. This office transfers property as of date of closing. If closing date would be July 2nd then property would not be in your name until the following tax year.

At what age I am eligible for Homestead Exemption?
You must be 65 years of age and have been a state resident for two years. You are eligible to sign up, if you are turning 65 before July 1st of the upcoming year. To be approved for Homestead/Disability Exemption you must apply between the dates of July 1st and December 1st.

Do I put my mobile home on the personal property form?
You would put your mobile home on the personal property assessment form only if you do not own the land it is sitting on.

Can I get a copy of a map?
Yes, our office has maps available at a cost of $5.00 for 11x17, $4.00 for 8 1/2x14 and $3.00 for 8 1/2x11.

What are the difference between Class II, III, and IV property?
Class II is owner occupied property or farm property; Class III and IV are not owner occupied property, rental property, or commercial property inside town and outside of town.

When filling out Personal Property forms on my cars what date is this good for?
You will receive the form the first of July and you will put the vehicles you owned as of July 1 that year.


Do I have to pay taxes on my car even if it doesn't run?
As long as you hold title on the car it needs to be turned in on your personal property form. You can contact the DMV to surrender the title as junk and then these vehicles are removed from DMV and don’t need to be turned in.


What is "Fair Market Value"?
Fair Market Value" is the price of property that would be agreed upon between a willing and Informed buyer and informed seller under usual and ordinary circumstances. It is the highest price a property would bring if it were exposed for sale on the open market for a reasonable period of time.

 What is the responsibility of the Assessor?
The Assessor lists and values all property in the County.  The property tax system is designed to distribute taxes according to the value of property.  The Assessor must value property as accurately and fairly as the law allows.  This equalization of property values ensures that everyone pays his or her fair share of taxes.

The values determined by the Assessor are assessments...they are not taxes.  THE ASSESSOR DOES NOT SET TAXES.  The Assessor is really a County Appraiser.  Your Assessor supervises a staff of well-trained professionals who estimate the value of homes, stores, farms, and any other taxable property in Tyler County.  As in any human endeavor, a margin of error may exist.  We are continually making great strides to reduce these errors, but if you have any questions about your assessment, please bring it to our attention.  We will try and help.  We work for you!


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